Ways to Peace (Process Ideas)

The following links contain ideas on how to move toward peace in the conversation about same-sex relationships.

Here is the outline for a once a week process that goes for four weeks. Paths to Peace

Here are suggested elements for a longer process gathered from the experience of various churches.

Here is a report from Reba Place Fellowship, a Christian community which hosted a three-year conversation that led to a “Third Way” stance.

Here is the outline for a three-day retreat that brings together stakeholders on different sides of the conversation.

An important first thing for any church or group to sort out is how long of a process is appropriate.

Short process – many churches don’t take official stands on social issues like capital punishment or abortion. In relation to same-sex relationships, perhaps it is unwise to make it a special case. The goal may just be to have it be discussable. If this is the case, a process like the one done by Raleigh First Baptist may be most appropriate.

Longer process – if the goal is some kind of policy statement, with substantial buy-in from most everyone, then a longer process may be warranted. This is especially true if it involves decisions about blessing same-sex marriages, ordaining gay clergy, or if it means a specific congregation is taking a different stance than the denomination.