Changing Our Mind

0 (1)David Gushee’s Changing Our Mind, is a solid, short primer on how an evangelical can affirm same-sex relationships. In the first chapters he introduces the controversy in the church, various proposed solutions, and advocates steps that even the most conservative person can take toward loving LGBT people.

He then constructs an evangelical case for full inclusion of same-sex couples in the church. As he must, he begins with Scripture. Gushee investigates the first-century context, and how Paul was thinking of same-sex relations in terms of “quite vile Greco-Roman cultural practices authorizing often violent anal rape of powerless young men, especially slaves, but really anybody of lower social status.” Gushee is careful to not overstate his case, but he successfully shows that the Scriptural passages dealing with same-sex relations, were written in a profoundly different context. In the final chapters he makes one of the best cases I’ve read for seeing LGBT inclusion as an integration of faith and science issue.

0Gushee argues that he is not overturning Christian sexual ethics, but rather inviting a group that has been excluded from participation in normal Christian practices, into the beautiful and demanding Christian ethic of covenant in marriage for life. Gushee concludes by telling his personal journey, and how getting to know faithful Christian LGBT people has pushed him towards compassion, and ultimately, to changing his mind.

-Dr. David Gushee is a leading evangelical ethicist and a professor at Mercer University

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