Book Resources by Chapter

1. Remembering Pain

CASCADE_TemplateWesley Hill wrote a beautiful essay about the loneliness experienced by some LGBT Christians. It might be especially useful for helping traditional congregations feel empathy. It is short and can be printed out.

Mitchell Gold’s book CRISIS contains “40 stories revealing the personal, social, and religious pain and trauma of growing up gay in America.” Click here for a review of the book.

 2. Hitting the Jackpot

Here is the pdf version of the American Psychological Association’s Task force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation.

Here is the text of Alan Chamber’s speech on the closing of Exodus International, a group that tried to help gays and lesbians change their sexual orientation.

3. The Bundle of Life

A short, but powerful blog post by an evangelical pastor on the danger of making the family an idol.

By far the best exploration of a Christian view of family is Rodney Clapp’s Families at the Crossroads.

4. The Kingdom Family

A short blog post by Joseph Hellerman on how the churches in Acts related to each other as family.

Joseph Hellerman, who is both a professor and a pastor, has written a terrific book called When the Church was a Family, that is both well researched and practical.

5.  It’s the Economy Stupid!

Rodney’s Clapp’s  Why the Devil Takes Visais a great article on how capitalism affects our thinking.

For an in-depth read on how capitalism distorts marriage check out Kurt Armstrong’s Why Love Will Always be a Poor InvestmentHere is a review of it.

6.  Gospel Economics

A book with excellent practical suggestions about an alternative economic lifestyle born out of passion for God’s freedom is Mark Scandrette’s excellent Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most.

A youtube video critiquing the usual way we think about vocation as our career in the consumer economy, can be found here. 

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s New Monasticism survey’s the west’s oldest alternative lifesyle, monasticism, and thinks about how it can inform the church.

7.  Sacrificial Power

The book in which Gregory Boyd explores the idea of exercising power under others” is The Myth of the Christian Nation.

8.  Ekklesia: A Community of Blessing

The classic, and still best treatment of how the church might be a political adventure is Hauerwas and Willimon’s Resident Aliens.

9.  Biblical Sexuality: An Occasion for Joy

The best ever single chapter on a spirituality of sexuality is found in Ronald Rolheiser’s The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality.

10.  Walking Humbly with God

In this blog post an evangelical pastor Richard Dahlstrom considers the roles of revelation, and conviction, and concludes “Humility doesn’t mean a lack of conviction.  Nor does it mean a lack of spirited debate.  It simply means that I’m continuing to look for truth, continually open to my understanding of God’s Word being reordered by further revelation.”

11.  A humble FIRE

For an extended treatment of FIRE, see chapter four of John Alexander’s book Being ChurchThe whole book is an excellent resource for any church looking to move towards being a more robust community.

12.  A Humble Biblicism

For a more in-dept look at this topic seen Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture.  

Kathryn Schulz’s TED talk on being wrong can be found here.

13. A Compassionate Traditionalism

For some practical ideas on how to include singles, see Christena Cleveland’s blog post Singled Out: How the Church Can Embrace Unmarried Adults

A terrific resource for the traditional church is The Marin Foundation “building bridges between the LGBTQ community and communities of faith.”

To read Andrew Marin’s compelling story, check out Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community.

14.  A Committed Affirmation

Jeffery Johns seeks to provide a theological understanding of why same-sex relationships should faithful and permanent in his book Permanent, Faithful, Stable: Christian Same-Sex Marriage

15. “May All Be One”

In this video, Tim Otto talks about bearing with difference. 

16.  Receiving the Kingdom

I’m indebted to James K.A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom for the idea that we are erotic creatures, “oriented primarily by love and passion and desire.”